Four Ways You Can Keep Your Apartment Safe when You Leave for Vacation

Four Ways You Can Keep Your Apartment Safe when You Leave for Vacation

Four Ways You Can Keep Your Apartment Safe when You Leave for Vacation

Are you preparing to leave on a week-long vacation? Are you anxious about leaving your apartment for an extended period of time? When you are preparing for a vacation, you shouldn't be anything but excited. However, for renters and homeowners, they need to add a few steps onto their to-do list before they can leave their belongings safely behind and trust that everything is okay. When you live in our community of apartments in Spartanburg, SC you can have the extra peace of mind that your apartment will stay safe in our complex. There are a few steps you should take to prepare to leave your apartment safe and sound while you are away on vacation.

Alert Your Property Manager

One tell-tale sign that will alert burglars that you aren't at your apartment is a pile of mail sitting at your doorstep. Be sure to prepare for your trip by alerting the property manager to hold your mail at the office. This way, they'll be able to keep your packages and letters safe until your return. The property manager will also be able to keep an extra eye on your unit and watch for anything strange while you are gone.

Use Timers for Lights

Timers are a great way to fool others into thinking you are in your apartment. When you use timers to turn lights on and off, many people will assume that you are inside, even when you're not. There are many timers that can be controlled by Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to change times and adjust lighting options even when you aren't home. By faking it, people will be deterred to burglarize your home by assuming you are there.

Don't Broadcast the Information

When you leave your home, only tell a few trusted people about your vacation plans. Whenever you broadcast your plans, you alert more people, which increase the chances of the news spreading to criminals about your trip. Make sure to avoid social media as well, as your posts can indicate your location.

Keep Valuables Safe

When you are preparing to leave your home, you should store your valuables in a safe place. By putting your belongings in less obvious spots, they will be less likely to be a target in case of a burglary. Consider investing in a safe to keep your jewelry and valuable belongings safe from any harm.

By following these steps, you will take the right precautions to protect your belongings in your apartment when you are away on vacation. Instead of worrying about your apartment, you can then focus on getting excited for the enjoyment ahead of you. In our apartments in Spartanburg, SC, you will be able to enjoy the perks of community living, which includes added security. Contact us if you are looking for a safe place to call home today.

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