Co-Living: A Trend on the Rise

Co-Living: A Trend on the Rise

Co-Living: A Trend on the Rise

Most people know a thing or two about co-working, but co-living is a rising trend in American cities. Young people in cities across the country embrace the idea in the face of a national housing crisis. Co living in Spartanburg, SC, gives people the opportunity to secure affordable housing while living in a community of like-minded individuals.

Co-Living at a glance

Co-living involves inhabiting a space with many others where residents are encouraged to work and interact together. These spaces are being established across the nation in response to young professionals migrating to large cities searching for employment. Co-living provides a modern living arrangement where residents with similar interests, values, and intentions share a living space that is very similar to that of a large family home.

The idea of co-living is one of collaboration and openness among individuals with shared philosophical belief systems. This unique housing solution is based on an economy of sharing. Residents typically have their own bathroom and sleeping quarters but share common areas like living spaces and kitchen areas. The expenses are shared among all residents, making it a practical choice for people with fluctuating income sources. The price for living in these spaces varies according to location but tends to be an economical choice because it is always less expensive than traditional rental opportunities.

Many people picture hippie communes, hostels, or dorms when imagining what a co-living space must be like. Still, this version of communal life is designed for young, working business professionals. It is a primarily urban trend, but the truth is that these spaces could be successful nearly anywhere. Co-living spaces tend to double as places for co-working and provide ideal living quarters for remote workers and digital nomads. In addition, these spaces offer great opportunities for networking and meeting like-minded individuals to form relationships with.

Co-living’s popularity

There are a variety of factors that make co-living a popular choice. These spaces feature like-minded individuals and engaging amenities to keep people interacting with others in their community. Most people desire connections with others, and co-living makes it easy to make new friends. Some of the benefits of co-living include a decreased financial burden, group activities, a sense of belonging, and community support. It gives young people the chance to travel without worrying about a lease or mortgage to tie them down. These spaces are often available without requiring a security deposit, no need for setting up trash and utility services, and the support of pooled resources. They are usually furnished and have all the modern amenities like free cable and Wi-Fi that people need today.

Co-living space exploration

Around the world, there are co-living spaces of all sizes and shapes. You can find some of these spaces equipped with an expansive offering of amenities like gyms, libraries, movie theaters, and restaurants. You will also find shared kitchen spaces on each floor, while some even include cleaning services. You can find co-living spaces in London, New York City, Spain, Miami, San Francisco, Berlin, and many other global cities.

This is an overview of co-living. Contact us today for more information on co living in Spartanburg, SC. We are here to help you feel at home!

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