8 Local Restaurants to Try Around Spartanburg, SC

8 Local Restaurants to Try Around Spartanburg, SC

8 Local Restaurants to Try Around Spartanburg, SC

Whether you are spending a weekend visiting the area or coliving in Spartanburg, SC, trying out some local fare is in order. Eating local is easy here, and you will not be able to resist the wide variety of local food trucks and restaurants to feed your hunger. Our experts offer the following local eateries that you won’t want to miss.

In the city limits

Carolina Barbecue

Carolina barbecue is a well-loved Spartanburg barbecue joint. The menu features beef brisket, turkey, chicken, ribs, and juicy, Lexington-style pork barbecue. The barbecue here is smoked with hickory for 14 to 16 hours.

The Beacon Drive-In

This drive-in is a southern landmark. It is the home of the world-famous Beacon Iced tea, which comes generously sweetened, laced with a hint of lemon, and served over shaved ice. They are also famous for their Chili Cheese-A-Plenty, a chili cheeseburger with a bun buried beneath piles of french-fried potatoes and sweet onion rings. They guarantee that when you dine at their establishment, you will find Smiles-A-Plenty, Service-A-Plenty, and enough food to satisfy even the most enormous appetites.

The Farmer’s Table

This restaurant specializes in freshly prepared, delicious food made with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients available. They use local vendors to serve food that literally comes from farm to table.

Holden’s Ranch

This family-run dining establishment offers Southern favorites and country-style cuisine. You will find menu offerings that include burgers, barbecue, and hash. Their signature dish is a chicken stew, and it is well-loved by locals.

Papa’s Breakfast Nook

Founded in 1988, Papa's Breakfast Nook has become one of Spartanburg’s favorite 24-hour dining choices. It is famous for its omelets, pancakes, burgers, and salads. So when you are looking for late-night grub, this is the place to be.

Western North Carolina area

Arbor Grill

This intimate dining establishment located next to the Biltmore Estate’s winery is the place to be. The menu includes a combination of fine wines, delicious food, and natural beauty. Enjoy a pint of Biltmore’s own Vanderbilt Pale Ale or a glass of Biltmore wine with gourmet sandwiches, savory appetizers, and entrees featuring locally sourced ingredients. Friday through Sunday, you can enjoy the entertainment of live musicians. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner with estate admission required.

The Dining Room at the Inn on Biltmore

This refined, romantic, and elegant restaurant features creative twists on local cuisine. The menu includes estate-raised lamb and beef, freshly picked kitchen garden ingredients, and mountain trout. You can also enjoy offerings of Biltmore wine, fine china, and traditional white tablecloths. The attention to detail and added sense of luxury make an evening at The Dining Room at the Inn on Biltmore an experience you won’t soon forget.

Old Rock Café

This is one of those great little establishments people tend to find on road trips. The menu features crisp salads, sandwiches, wraps, big fat burgers, and tasty appetizers. Enjoy your nourishment on the patio with views of the Rocky Broad River r have the staff pack you a picnic to go when hiking the trails in Chimney Rock Park. The Old Rock Café is located 60 miles north of Spartanburg, in the heart of Chimney Rock Village.

These are just a handful of the best restaurants in the Spartanburg area. Contact us today to learn more about coliving in Spartanburg, SC. We are here to help you feel at home!

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