3 Athletic Opportunities in Spartanburg, South Carolina

3 Athletic Opportunities in Spartanburg, South Carolina

3 Athletic Opportunities in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Whether you are moving your family to the area for a new job opportunity or you are co-living in Spartanburg, SC, there are some excellent sports programs you can get involved with to stay fit and have some fun. The youth sports programs are in place to help kids develop positive self-concepts and life skills. The City of Spartanburg’s mission is to provide enjoyable, safe opportunities for recreation to every person who decides to participate. Coaches and other volunteers work to teach the fundamentals and basic skills of each sport, where all participants involved, regardless of their skill level, have the chance to play.

Summer programs for local youth

There are various summer programs available for local youth to be involved in. Here is what the city has planned for the upcoming summer season.


District Seven and the City of Spartanburg are committed to offering a fun, safe environment for their youth sports programs. They strive to ensure that all children get equal treatment regardless of their skill level to feel like part of the team and experience appreciation for what they add to their team. In addition, they are highly focused on showing kids how to live and play the game the proper way and ensuring that players are ready for the next stage of the sport they play. To accomplish these goals, the Viking youth football program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the sport, including proper tackling and blocking techniques.

They seek volunteers who understand coaching as a privilege instead of a right, who have a passion for working with young people, and who have the highest character level in the community. Your commitment to being a potential coaching volunteer is essential to the league’s success and bridges the gap between the community, parents, and players. They are looking for people who are willing to accept this challenge. Every coach who joins the program will be provided with quality training and education from the USA Football Program, leading to coaching certification.

In addition, they will serve both girls and boys. Children between the age of 6 and 10 will be involved in 7 on 7 flag football. This non-contact option will keep players physically active while teaching them proper footwork and form. Players between the ages of 11 and 12 will play competitive tackle football. Registration is currently open to all private, home school, and District Seven students meeting requirements for eligibility until September 1st.

Girl Power!

Girl Power! is an instructional program lasting 5 days to teach girls the fundamentals of track and field, softball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. The program is designed to be fun, spirited, safe, and empowering. It is meant to bring instruction in and exposure to various sports. Girls are encouraged to bond with role models who share their passions, and campers will experience growth personally and as an athlete. Get your daughter registered today through the City of Spartanburg.

Viking All Sports Camp

This camp is a 5-day instructional sports program that teaches young men the fundamentals of track and field, baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. The program is designed to be fun, spirited, empowering, and safe. In addition, it is intended to provide exposure to and instruction in various sports and the opportunity to bond with passionate role models.

These are just a few of the athletic opportunities available In Spartanburg. There are also sporting opportunities available for adults, including industrial league basketball and open league basketball. Contact us today for more information on co-living in Spartanburg, SC.

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