2 Tips for Being a Great Coliving Roommate

2 Tips for Being a Great Coliving Roommate

2 Tips for Being a Great Coliving Roommate

Co living in Spartanburg, SC, can be stressful if you are not accustomed to sharing your living spaces with strangers. You feel the pressure of making the best first impression that you can and having to make new friends. This pressure makes it essential to learn how to be a great coliving roommate before you get there. The most critical element of moving to a co-living space is learning the house rules for your new living arrangements, so you don't rock the boat. Here are some tips for being the best coliving roommate you can:

Be flexible

Adaptability is the most crucial trait of a co-living participant. There is no guarantee that you will get roommates that share your outlook on life and personality traits. Therefore, you have to be flexible to fit into the situation you are presented with and get along with those around you. Adaptability is a valuable trait that extends into your professional and social life.

You will live with different kinds of people. For example, you might share your space with an introvert who appreciates being left alone as much as possible. You will allow them plenty of space if you want to be a great roommate. On the other hand, you may share your space with someone who is a social butterfly that wants to hang out and talk all the time. In a situation like this, you will be an excellent roommate by providing them with social stimulation.

Coliving does not mean reinventing yourself to make other people happy. You have your own personality quirks and boundaries, and it is okay to be authentic. Still, you can honor your true self and still adapt to others around you. Just do your best to honor the traits of the people you share your space with by being respectful and open-minded.

Be open

Openness is another vital trait in a co-living lifestyle. Most people spend their lives around people similar to themselves. However, when you head off into independence, whether moving to a foreign coliving space or moving to a college campus, you will be exposed to people from varied backgrounds. They might have different interests and priorities, eat strange food, or observe unique religious practices. In addition, they may not wear their shoes in the house or speak another language than you.

You can prevent interpersonal disagreements and internal anxiety by being willing to accept others for who they are. Come to the situation with an open mind and readiness to learn from different cultures instead of being offended by them. Your roommate might have an entirely different personality than you. But you can still be great roommates without having to be best friends.

Being open also means being transparent about what you want and who you are. Even if you are shy, do your best to be upfront about your interests, what you do, and your background. Openness lets your roommates get to know you better, builds rapport, and prevents future conflicts. For example, if you prefer things to be done a particular way, discuss it in a non-demanding tone. If your roommates don’t know what you want, there is no way they can accommodate you.

Follow these tips for being a great coliving roommate. And if you are interested in co living in Spartanburg, SC, contact us today!

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