Speed Cleaning Your Spartanburg, SC Apartment by Using These Secret Tips

Speed Cleaning Your Spartanburg, SC Apartment by Using These Secret Tips

Speed Cleaning Your Spartanburg, SC Apartment by Using These Secret Tips

Most of the residents who live at Upstate Coliving in Spartanburg, SC, can find a thousand things they would prefer doing than cleaning their homes. They dream of having a party with their friends in the barbecue pit area, swimming in the saltwater pool, and shopping at the nearby The Avenues Mall. Yet, most love living in a clean apartment. The truth is that our residents can have time to do both if they learn the secrets of speed cleaning.

Secret #1: Choose Your Time

There are two times that people are usually most productive in speed cleaning their apartments. The first time is when they first get home from work. For families, it is often the first moments after the children have gone to bed. Whichever time you choose, make daily cleaning part of your routine.

Secret #2: Waste No Movement

Start at the front door of your apartment complex. Your goal is to enter each room only twice, so choose a path either to the right or to the left. Carry a cleaning caddy with you filled with your cleaning tools including all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, Magic Erase, microfiber cloths and anything else you use to clean. Make it a point to put everything back in its right place every time you use it. Once you enter a room, work to the left or to the right until you have the entire room cleaned. Do not leave the room until it is cleaned, except for the floor.

Secret #3: Work From the Top to the Bottom

While it may seem obvious, work from the top of the room to the bottom. That way, any dirt that you knock off falls downward to a surface that you have not cleaned yet. If you try to do it the other way, then you are wasting a lot of effort because you will have to clean some items more than once.

Secret #4: Use Smart Cleaning Methods

If it is not dirty, then you do not need to clean it. Generally, horizontal surfaces will get dirtier than vertical surfaces. If the cleaning agent and the tool are not working, then switch to a different method. Never wipe or rinse to see if an item is clean. Instead, trust your eyes to let you know when something is clean. The time that you rinse or wipe is coming out of your valuable leisure time. Remember to always put the cleaning supply back in its right place in your caddy when you are done.

Secret #5: Vacuum and Mop Last

When all the rooms are done in your Upstate Coliving home, then vacuum all the rooms working around your home in a circle. Finish by mopping.

One of the things that tenants who have been looking for apartments for rent in Spartanburg, SC. have repeatedly told us is that they love cleaning their homes here because they are almost new. Therefore, these apartments for rent in Spartanburg, SC . have not been messed up by previous tenants as that makes them harder to clean.

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