Six Questions You Should Ask a Potential Roommate

Six Questions You Should Ask a Potential Roommate

Six Questions You Should Ask a Potential Roommate

Are you looking for a roommate to share your apartment? Have you been searching for someone that will be compatible to live with in one shared home? Living with a roommate poses its challenges, but when you choose the right person, it actually has many perks. From sharing expenses to affording more space, there are many perks to having a roommate in our apartments for rent in Spartanburg, SC. Before you choose the right person to be your roommate, you should invest time in interviewing and meeting with potential candidates. This process may sound lengthy, but it is the best way to ensure that you choose the right match. There are a few questions you should ask your potential roommate when meeting them.

What do you do for a living?

In order to make sure your roommate has the financial ability to pay for their share of rent and utilities, you'll want to ask them if they have a job. Knowing what they do for a living will also help to indicate the type of schedule and stability they have in their life.

Do you smoke or drink?

Understanding their habits is also critical. If you cannot tolerate certain smells or habits, these could be deal breakers. This information will help you understand more about their lifestyle and what to expect when living with them on a daily basis.

What do you do for fun?

You should always ask about what they do in their free time, as you will likely be spending some of your free time in your shared living space. If they enjoy having friends over, you'll want to know this in advance. If they spend much of their time staying up late or travelling, this is also important to consider.

What does your daily routine and schedule look like?

Be sure that your roommate has a daily schedule that will work for you. While you do not need to have compatible schedules, you want to be sure that you won't be in each other's way nor will you be ignoring other's needs if you have differing schedules. Take the time to understand what their daily life entails so you can see if it fits in with yours.

Are you okay with pets?

If you intend to get a pet, you should always be sure that your roommate isn't allergic or afraid of pets. This could affect your ability to get a pet. On the other hand, your roommate may have a pet, and you'll need to know about this up front.

Are you dating someone?

Those who have significant others may have frequent visitors, so you should always ask about whether they are attached or not. This can indicate what their daily life will look like and how frequently they have guests over.

These are some of the questions you should ask any potential candidates to become your roommate. When you are thorough in your search and you ask the right questions up front, you avoid difficult living situations with the wrong person. Our apartments for rent in Spartanburg, SC offer many spacious layouts that are great for sharing with a roommate. Contact us to schedule a tour of our available units and see for yourself today.

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