How to Save Space Storing Your Seasonal Items in an Apartment

How to Save Space Storing Your Seasonal Items in an Apartment

How to Save Space Storing Your Seasonal Items in an Apartment

It's that time of year again. It's the time for spring cleaning and decluttering your apartment. When spring rolls around, you'll want to take the time to store away any of your seasonal items to make space for the warmer weather items in your apartment. At our apartments in Spartanburg, SC, our residents love the summer time and look forward to the seasonal events here in Spartanburg, SC. Surviving spring cleaning can be made easy with the right tips. Here are a few tips to help you save space by storing your seasonal items in your apartment.

Use Vacuum Bags

Vacuum storage bags are perhaps the best option for apartment storage, as they will remove air from the bags before you store them. These are great for bulky items, like blankets, sweaters, pillows, and extra bedding. Invest in a few vacuum bags to help you save space when storing these items.

Use Under-the-Bed Storage

Hiding your seasonal items in under-the-bed storage bins is a great way to keep these items out of sight when you don't need them. Under-the-bed storage bins are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply fill these bins with items you won't need for a while, and tuck them under your bed for the season.

Invest in Cubbies

Storage cubbies are great storage solutions that can tidy up any apartment space. These are great for storing items like toys, decorations, clothing, and more. These cubbies often come with baskets that fit inside them or shelving options. Cubbies are one way to have functional furniture that enhances your apartment.

Store Your Shoes

Shoes are bulky. It's that simple. Storing seasonal shoes at the top or bottom of your closet or under your bed are great ways to remove these from sight. This is also important for making room for shoes you will wear, such as sandals, sneakers, and other summer shoes. By rotating your seasonal shoes, you will also help to declutter some of the common spaces, like the foyer or front entrance.

Rotate Your Wardrobe

Rotating your wardrobe is essential to making sure that you still wear the clothes inside your closet. Put the winter items toward the sides or back, and bring the summer clothing to the front or middle. While you do this, you can also donate any items that you no longer wear. This is a great way to refresh your clothes and bring usable items out.

Follow these tips to help you save space in your apartment by properly storing away your seasonal items. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be stressful just because you are living in our apartments in Spartanburg, SC. In fact, it can be made much easier with these tips. Contact us to hear about our apartment layouts and storage options today.

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