How to Handle Living with a Messy Roommate in a Coliving Arrangement

How to Handle Living with a Messy Roommate in a Coliving Arrangement

How to Handle Living with a Messy Roommate in a Coliving Arrangement

Living in a coliving arrangement has many perks, including your own personal space and shared communal space that helps you save money.  Also, it allows you to meet friends and socialize on a daily basis.  However, it comes with some setbacks, especially when you are assigned a messy roommate.  Sharing your kitchen and living spaces with a messy roommate may make co living in Spartanburg, SC a challenge for some.  These are a few tips to help you handle living with a messy roommate in your coliving arrangement.

Try to Understand

Before you jump to conclusions, take the time to understand their living style from their perspective.  Are they swamped at work?  Do they always leave a mess?  Are they disorganized, or are they gross?  Many people have issues when it comes to organization of their closets or clothes, and others have a tough time cleaning up each and every day.  Try to understand the reason that they leave messes by talking to them about their lives before jumping to assumptions.

Set Boundaries

When you cannot handle looking at their mess, it is important establish clear boundaries and ground rules in your apartment.  Keep certain areas off limits, like your bedroom or your desk space, so that they don't use your stuff.  Also, implement cleaning procedures of common, shared spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, so that each of you has to follow the same responsibilities.  Be respectful of one another first and foremost.

Invest in Organizational Supplies

If your roommate is always messy in the common area of your living situation, talk about splitting the costs for some storage solutions.  Baskets, containers, shelving units, and other storage solutions can encourage your roommate to clean everyday essentials.  Also, these can make a large impact on the overall aesthetic and function of the entire unit.  When you are living in a coliving arrangement, these can make a large difference and they can then keep their untidiness in their own room.

Agree on Swapping Chores

If your roommate is incapable of cleaning to your standards, you may want to have a discussion about swapping out household chores.  Perhaps your roommate is good at other chores, like paying bills or performing routine maintenance in your apartment.  Consider giving your roommate some of your other jobs in return for adding more of the cleaning responsibilities to your plate.  This way, you will still all have your responsibilities, but your apartment will also be clean.

These are a few ways that you can handle living with a messy roommate in your coliving situation.  Although you will not have to deal with the mess they leave in their independent bedroom, you still want to keep them on top of common areas, like the kitchen and living spaces.  If you are looking for co living in  Spartanburg, SC, contact Upstate Coliving to hear about our availability today.

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