Five Tips to Live in Harmony When You Live in Coliving in Spartanburg SC

Five Tips to Live in Harmony When You Live in Coliving in Spartanburg SC

Five Tips to Live in Harmony When You Live in Coliving in Spartanburg SC

Have you recently decided to try a co-living housing arrangement?  Those who are tired of taking care of all the responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining a home may find coliving in Spartanburg, SC to be a nice break from all the extraneous tasks.  Those who enjoy the company of others will also love this arrangement.  When you share living space with roommates, but still have your own personal space in your bedroom, you get the best of both worlds.  However, this may take some time to develop the peace with your roommates.  These are a few tips to live in harmony when you are living in a coliving housing arrangement.

Establish Some Rules and Boundaries

When you first move into your unit, you need to take the time to establish some ground rules.  Talk to each other about your lifestyles and your living expectations so that you both have transparency.  If one of you works early in the morning, you will want the other to be respectful of your work schedule.  Also, talk about finances, rent, chores, and other responsibilities to make everyday life much more understood.

Be Mindful of Noise

When you live with a roommate, you always need to be considerate of the noise level inside the home.  If your roommate is trying to sleep or cram for an exam, you need to avoid blasting the TV or hosting friends late at night.  Also, you need to be mindful of your morning routine when the other roommate is sleeping in.  Avoid banging pots and pans while cooking, and don’t slam any doors when you are walking around the unit.

Consider Their Schedule

Keep in mind that more than one person lives in the unit, and each of your schedule may differ.  Consider having a calendar in your apartment to keep track of important memos and scheduling events that matter, like big exams, work meetings, travel arrangements, or other important events that your roommate will want to be aware of.  This will allow them to be more considerate when times are stressful or busy.

Get Your Own Stuff

Living in a shared space means that there will be two people’s belongings in the same home.  Take the time to invest in your own belongings, items, and food choices so that you do not steal or borrow your roommate’s.  Although this may be okay when you ask permission and only do it occasionally, you will not want to make a habit of taking your roommate’s belongings or eating their food from the fridge.  

Organize the Chores

Living with other roommates in a shared space means that you all need to do your part to take care of the cleaning responsibilities.  By coming up with a chore chart that helps to organize all the responsibilities, you ensure that everyone is held accountable for their own cleaning jobs.

These are a few tips that will set you up for success with your roommates when you are living in colivng in Spartanburg, SC.  If you are looking for quality coliving housing arrangements, contact us to hear about our available space today.

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