Five Tips to Keep Your Co-living Unit Clean and Attractive

Five Tips to Keep Your Co-living Unit Clean and Attractive

Five Tips to Keep Your Co-living Unit Clean and Attractive

Are you living in a shared living arrangement with other roommates?  Do you have trouble staying on top of your cleaning responsibilities?  In our co living in Spartanburg, SC, many people love that they have shared space and responsibilities with other individuals.  Although this can be one of the biggest benefits of shared living, it can also be a drawback when things go south.  These are a few cleaning tips to follow when you live in shared living space.

Gather All the Cleaning Supplies

You've most likely have heard the phrase that if you fail to plan then, you plan to fail. Interestingly, this applies to anything in life, including housework.  Before you start to clean your place, compile a list of all the equipment, materials, and sanitizers you will need.   Gather up the supplies you have, and purchase anything you still need so that you are ready to start when cleaning day arrives.

Organize Supplies by Room

Consider the different requirements of each room and how to meet them, whether with a broom, vacuum cleaner, mop, or even an old toothbrush. Also, consider the cleaning products and protective gears needed. No one understands the property, and you do, and in many circumstances, simple cleaning items will suffice. Depending on the task, you may need gloves, safety glasses, and even earplugs.

Declutter First

First, remove all garbage or waste, anything that can be picked up and thrown away and dispose of it immediately. Next, find anything that is out of place in the room and reposition it. Shoes?  In their storage containers or entryway bins. Grocery items? In the pantry.  The area will look less daunting, and it will be much easier to clean once you have removed everything that doesn't belong and cleared spaces that you know will need washing.

Assign Responsibilities

When you share the space with other roommates, you need to take the time to assign cleaning responsibilities and schedules so that everyone has their own tasks.  Make a calendar with these assignments to ensure that everyone stays accountable.  If someone is not pulling their weight, you will want to talk to them about how to improve the calendar and adjust as time passes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work smart to ensure success every time and avoid frustrations later.  In other words, consider the demands of each space and how each action you perform in the room will affect another area of that room. The most straightforward approach is to plan activities from top to bottom.  For example, avoid brooming the floor before you wipe down the countertops.

These are a few of the tips to follow when it comes to cleaning your co living in Spartanburg, SC.  If you are looking for attractive spaces to call home, contact Upstate Coliving to hear more about our available units today.

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