Five Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Coliving Housing Arrangement

Five Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Coliving Housing Arrangement

Five Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Coliving Housing Arrangement

Are you considering whether you want to move into a co-living housing arrangement or not?  Do you want to live in a shared community?  Many people are taking advantage of the popular arrangements for co-living in Spartanburg, SC that allow shared community space and private personal space.  This allows renters to save money on renting but still have their own personal space.  Before you choose to live in these units, you will want to ask these important questions first.

How do I pay rent?

Many co-living arrangement complexes offer payment plans or web portals that make paying your rent much simpler.  Before you sign the lease, you need to understand the methods of payment that they accept, and how they accept payments each month.  Many people like to hear that your unit offers e-payment options to avoid having to write checks and walk to the property office each month.

When do you need access to my unit?

Although units will become your own personal space when you are renting, you may still be subject to certain circumstances that require your landlord to enter your unit.  Be sure to ask about these circumstances before you sign any leases.  Often, landlords will only enter your unit when they have scheduled tours or maintenance requests.  Make sure that they will tell you about their visits beforehand so you can prepare your home.

What is the parking situation?

Before you agree to rent a co-living unit, ask about the parking situation.  If you choose to live in an apartment that is in the middle of a city, you may be subject to getting street parking since parking will be limited in your area.  However, most apartment complexes have parking lots for their residents.  Take the time to understand how many parking spaces you have, whether they are assigned spots, and any other details about parking.

Can I make my own changes to the unit?

You may be tempted to put your own personal touches onto your apartment.  This may involve changing things or hanging things on the wall.  However, you will want to be cautious of how many changes you make to the unit.  The more changes you make, the more damage you may cause.  Be sure to look closely at the terms of the lease before you start hanging wall shelves and pictures to ensure it is allowed.

Are any utilities included in the rent?

Many co-living arrangements will offer incentives to their renters by including certain utilities, such as electric or sewage.  These are important to consider in the monthly expenses, because they will already be taken care of by your landlord.  Always ask about included utilities to understand the full extent of what you get when you choose this complex as your next home.

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